Investigative Engineering

The Investigative Engineers Association Inc. is committed to presenting its insurance industry and claims litigation clients a diverse yet experienced and cost-effective group of professional investigative engineering firms that can provide Claim Support and assist in the control of soaring claim settlement costs.

Why Use I-ENG-A?
Our strength is the relationship that we have with the other affiliates. Each affiliate has his/her own experiences within the industry. We are not only investigative engineers, but also consulting engineers. This means that it is our responsibility to stay current with building codes, regulations and standards of practice. "No single firm, no matter its size or how broad-based its coverage, can possibly provide the level of service the combined efforts of an international network can offer".

We find the answer!

Some claims that you receive from your client may not be black and white. The cause of the damage or incident may not be obvious, and in some cases may need scientific evaluation. When you want to be sure and find an accurate answer to your client's claim, we will help you find the answer! Our engineers are experienced in various forensic investigations. Some examples include:

  • Auto Accident Reconstruction
  • Fire & Explosion Investigation
  • Mechanical/Electrical Failures
  • Slip, Trip, & Fall Analysis
  • Blasting Vibration Damage
  • Heating/Cooling System Studies
  • Mold & Mildew Studies
  • Structural Analysis Review
  • Construction Failure Analysis
  • Lightning Strike Damage
  • Roof Damage Investigation
  • Water Damage Investigation

  • How the process works.

    Just one quick call to our Greenville office {(864) 232-1284}, starts the process. We will need:

    • Name, Number and Address of Insured
    • Claim Number
    • Date of Loss
    • Investigative / Engineering Services required

    Once we get a brief summary of the claim, we will call the insured to set up a visit to the site. There, we will take measurements, gather physical evidence and take photographs. We will perform interviews with those involved and contact any manufactures or specialists associated with the product in question.A systematic investigation is performed to determine the cause of failure and extent of damage, as well as identifying ongoing problems and design solutions. Upon completion of the analysis you will receive a report, in letter format, from the engineer, that describes his conclusions.

    Cause and origin or conclusions are based on research, analysis, testing, and in-depth reporting when needed. Cost evaluation, review of replacement alternatives, and betterment may be recommended.Reports may be prepared suitable for litigation purposes and we can assist in the preparation of interrogatories and related questions to be asked during statements under oath and in depositions.

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